5 Symptoms Of Depression In Men

Some people say that men don’t go through depression. They see men as strong individuals who get what they want. However, this is not true. Whether old or young, single or married, men experience depression. The stress may come from issues about family, work, colleagues, studies, and others. The sad thing is that men are less likely to talk to someone about what they are going through as compared women. They are also less likely to look for help. Understanding the symptoms of depression in men is the key to getting a proper diagnosis. Here are 5 symptoms of depression in men.

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Losing interest in daily activities


A depressed man may suddenly lose his interest in doing activities. For instance, if he used to spend hours painting or was a reader but now just sits or seems lost in deep thought, it’s a sign that he is depressed. Also, if he used to perform well in bed but now seems disinterested in sexual activities, it may be a surefire sign of depression.


Negativity and Mood Changes


Being irritable, restless, agitated, and violent mood swings are also depression symptoms in men. Men tend to experience mood swings differently, as compared to women. Men turn their feelings inwards, resulting in being annoyed all the time. On the other hand, women express their emotions by crying more often and thus they are diagnosed earlier. A depressed man will always be inattentive or argumentative towards the needs of the wife and children.


Physical symptoms


Even though depression is a mental condition it can manifest itself physically. Men who are depressed may get headaches, experience gastrointestinal issues and feel achy generally. To cope, they may turn to alcohol or drugs to relieve depression symptoms, and the aches and pains that come with it. Others may turn to sleeping more. Changes in sleeping patterns and alcohol and drug abuse are common symptoms of depression in men.


Problems With Concentration


Leaving home without his wallet or general lack of concentration are classic signs that a man is stressed. He tends to be very forgetful or in his own world. Some people are naturally forgetful, but if an attentive man starts experiencing concentration problems – especially one who has had personal issues recently – depression may be the likely culprit.


Losing Weight


Many men turn to starving themselves when they fall into depression. They lose their appetite and have problems with eating. They may go for days without eating or skip meals. An unusual weight loss in a man should be considered when diagnosing depression.


These are some of the symptoms that can help you in identifying depression in men. If you are experiencing any of these, visit the doctor so that he can make an accurate diagnosis. If you notice any of these symptoms in a friend, child, husband or sibling, talk to him and see how you can help him out. Don’t let the depression graduate to bigger problems.